New Building

An opportunity to take greater risks
for the Kingdom of Jesus
New Heights Bentonville,

We have an exciting announcement!
Over the past several months, God has been working behind the scenes to surprise our church with an unexpected blessing. We have signed a lease on a new facility! Why you ask?

There are three main challenges for NHB in our current facility situation
Our Current Situation is Expensive
We pay A LOT of money to rent Ruth Barker for only 5 hours on Sunday mornings (approximately $150,000 per year)
Taxing on Volunteers
It takes roughly 29 volunteers and 27 man-hours EVERY SUNDAY just to set up and take down our equipment. That is a lot of manpower that could be utilized elsewhere.
Limited Access
We have no good space options for trainings, events, or corporate gatherings outside of Sunday mornings.

How this move helps
In the Next 3 years we will...
Save $160K
In Rent and Utilities
Save 4,524 Hours
of volunteer time
Have 24/7 Access
To use our space for ministry
We will save money
We will pay less for this building than we currently pay for Ruth Barker.
In fact, we project that we will save approximately $160,000 over the next 3 years!
Frees up volunteers
We will free up 29 hours of volunteer time every week. This man power can be put forward into other ministries and Kingdom advancing projects.
24 hour use
We will also have 24 hour dedicated usage of the space. This means we can leave our equipment set up all of the time (no more setup/takedown) and can use the space whenever we want.

Imagine what we could do with $160,000 savings?
Imagine what we could do with 29 extra volunteers every Sunday?
Imagine what we could do with unlimited space to train leaders and mobilize our church?

Let's be clear, a building is not the vision.
Bringing the Kingdom of Jesus to Bentonville, AR and the world is the vision!

This building is God's way of meeting our needs and giving us an opportunity to take greater risks for the Kingdom!
What will it take?
The new space will require a buildout to make it usable for NHB.
The buildout will include adding additional children's classrooms, offices, and dedicated restrooms for children.

It will take $50,000+ to complete the buildout and furnish our ministry space.
NHB Kids
Classroom Build-outs, Add Dedicated Children's Restrooms, Teaching Equipment, Sensory Room Outfitting, Tables and Chairs , Storage, Bookshelves, Changing Tables, and Baby Gates.
Worship Equipment, Tables, and Room Dividers
Worship Space
Sound Equipment, Lighting, Projection / Screens , Chairs , and Carpet / Acoustics
Foyer Furnishings and Signage
Office / Counseling Room Buildout, Conference Table, Desks , and Chairs .
We are asking you to consider giving sacrificially toward this project
If you feel compelled to give you may do so below.
Fundraising Progress
Track the progress of our goal to raise $50,000 to outfit the new building.
0f $50,000 Goal
God opened up an opportunity for us to get into a more permanent space, with better usage, at a cheaper cost! Having this resource creates opportunity to take greater risks for the Kingdom of Jesus.

a. Financially – long term, with the money we save, we will be able to support other types of ministry both locally and globally.

b. Volunteers – removing the necessity of setup/takedown will free up approximately 29 people and 27 man-hours every Sunday! These folks will now be able to use that time to serve in different ways!

c. Children/Student – It gives us a space that feels more like "home" which creates safety for children and allows adult leaders to be more focused and creative in discipleship.

d. Community – It creates margin for community. People will be able to take their time connecting with one another before and after worship gatherings. In our transient community, it also gives NHB a greater sense of stability.

e. Training – It gives us more space and time to train leaders at every level. Having the option to organize childcare onsite removes a significant burden from our families.

f. Worship – It creates more space for focused prayer and worship times. It also allows our worship teams a venue to rehearse and connect outside of Sunday mornings

g. Outreach – It gives us more visibility, frees up resources, and provides a "missional outpost" to reach people in our community.
a. We currently pay approximately $200,500 a year for rent and utilities at Ruth Barker and our offices (3/4 of that is for the school)!

b. The new space will cost approximately $140,000 a year.

c. This means we will save approximately $60,000 a year in rental costs.
How much will it cost to move to the new building?
a. The new space will require a buildout to make it usable for NHB.

b. The buildout will include adding additional children's classrooms, offices, and dedicated restrooms for children.

c. The estimated cost for these additions is approximately $160,000 $180,000

d. We are using our building fund to pay for the cost of the buildout, with plans of reimbursing the fund with future savings.
Why do we need $50,000 for the new building?
a. There are many costs associated with outfitting the space (see the building handout).

b. The $50,000 we raise will pay for outfitting our ministries with much needed equipment and will also supplement construction costs.
When will we move to the new building?
Depending on funding and construction timeline, our hope is to be in the new building by mid to end of March.
How can I help?
a. Pray that Jesus' kingdom will be advanced through this incredible new resource.

b. Support the building by giving toward our $50,000 goal. You can do that by going to

c. Volunteer your skills – to save money, some of the finishing work will need to be done by volunteers. If you have any skills woodworking, Painting/staining, or construction we can use your help!
The New Building is located at
1705 S. Walton Blvd, Suite 1
Bentonville, AR 72712