We are so excited to share this project with you. Each day of Advent (minus Sundays) we will be releasing a new episode. These episodes are designed to  guide you through 2-3 Minutes of scripture reading, reflection, and close with a prayer. Each week we will focus on a different theme that falls in line with the following Sundays teaching. So each Sunday of Advent you will have been dwelling on that theme all week long. The four movements will be Waiting, Incarnation, Victory, and Hope. Everything from the scripture selection, to the prayers, graphics and background audio has been created by NHB members to bless you and yours this holiday season. We encourage you to listen to these at your dinner table before or after sharing a meal by candlelight as we begin turn our hearts to the King this Christmas season. The transcript for each episode can be found in the episode details if you would prefer to read along. 


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