The Foundry

Making and experiencing art can be avenues of worship for the church. The NHB Creative Ministry creates spaces and opportunities for our congregation to encounter God through the arts.

We believe that God has created every human being with a longing to both create and engage with beauty.

Through creative workshops, we hope to see NHB members embrace creative expression as an act of worship – while through reading groups, gallery gatherings and faith and film nights, we aim to equip members to be wiser, more discerning consumers of art and culture.

We create art together.

Beginner-friendly workshops like liturgy writing and calligraphy make worshipful creative expression accessible. 

We experience art together.

From Faith & Film nights to gallery openings, we invite NHB members to engage with art both critically and worshipfully.

We celebrate the legacy of God-glorifying art.

With lectures and classes, we explore the influence of Christians and the church throughout history in all areas
of art.

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