Special Needs

Every Person is created in the image of god and is designed to live in a spiritual community
We believe that every person is created in the image of God and is designed to live a spiritual community. We also understand that when you, or a member of your family, is affected by disability, it can create barriers and challenges to connecting to a church. At New Heights, we want to support and surround you on your journey.

Sensory Room
We provide a sensory room for any child of any age that struggles in church. Our self-service room is geared with calming activities + toys to help all families feel welcomed.

1 to 1 Buddy
Our committed and trained buddies pair 1:1 with a person of any age who needs extra support during our Sunday morning programs. Regardless of an individual's needs, we desire that they participate with their peers as they worship and learn together.
rEcess is changing the story of disability, loving people, and empowering others to serve families experiencing disability in their communities. Every third Friday of the month NHB hosts an event called rEcess to love on kids with disability and give their parent's a night off.